2022/23 event highlights

Impactful Conversation with Chicago Furniture Bank – September 7, 2022

23 members and guests toured CFB’s warehouse and saw firsthand how this young organization provides gently used furniture for people in need (50% of their clients have an annual income under $6,000 per year). We toured the CFB showroom, where clients choose the furniture they need, and saw the staging areas used to organize furniture for the 4,000 homes they will furnish in 2022. CFB creates jobs for at-risk youth with limited workforce opportunities, and has started a social enterprise, Honest Junk Company, which funds CFB’s mission.


Impactful Conversation with Common Pantry – August 25, 2022

We learned more about the thoughtful and varied services provided by 2022 Grantee Common Pantry as it works to reduce hunger and address the root causes of poverty. In addition to providing nutritious and culturally sensitive food, Common Pantry offers assistance with housing, healthcare, and job searches; it can also provide clients with a mailing address, an essential first-step. Common Pantry responded to the pandemic by setting up a wide-ranging food delivery program, which has become a lifeline for clients with mobility and transportation issues. During our visit, members were able to tour Common Pantry’s new site, presently under construction, which our Impact grant is helping to fund.