2019 grantees

Each year women join Impact Grants Chicago to collectively fund $100,000 Impact Grants to Chicago nonprofits that are dedicated to addressing the challenges facing our city. In 2019, we had 505 members and awarded five Impact Grants of $100,000 and three $10,000 Merit Grants.

$100,000 Impact Grant Award Recipients

The Center for Conflict Resolution’s mission is to work with individuals, communities, courts and other institutions to manage and resolve conflict.
The Impact Grant will help fund the new Juvenile Re-Entry Mediation Program, the first program to offer eligible Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) residents free conflict training and an opportunity to participate in mediation with key individuals from their lives (parents, siblings, school officials, etc.) as they prepare to leave the JTDC.

Facing Forward’s mission is to end homelessness for individuals and families by offering hope, help and housing.
The Impact Grant will help fund the expansion of Facing Forward's education support programming by hiring a new full-time Education Advocate to include targeted education support for school-age children and their parents, creating opportunities for and addressing needs of both children and the adults in their lives, in order to promote academic success for school-age children who have been impacted by homelessness.

Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance’s mission is to inspire, educate and provoke exploration through innovative programs and experiences in one of the nation’s largest and finest historic conservatories.
The Impact Grant will help fund the Urban Roots Teen Docent Program, a year-round program located at the Garfield Park Conservatory, serving 10th-12th grade students from Al Raby High School. The program provides teens with comprehensive technical training for and employment as docents, taking a holistic approach to all aspects of the teen’s life including school performance, financial planning, college goals and life skills.

Growing Home, Inc.’s mission is to operate, promote, and demonstrate the use of organic urban agriculture as a vehicle for job training, employment, and community development.
The Impact Grant will help fund the construction of a 16,500 sq. ft. organic urban farm in the Englewood neighborhood transforming a vacant, concrete lot into a productive, safe green space; yielding an additional 8,000 pounds of produce per year to be distributed within the Englewood community and providing more farm work to support the farm-based job training program. www.tlpchicago.org

Kaleidoscope’s mission is “to empower children, youth, and families impacted by abuse and neglect to build resourcefulness, resiliency, and supportive relationships through innovative, individualized case management and clinical services. Their vision is that all children and youth have the opportunity to enjoy safe and healthy lives nurtured by responsive adults.
The Impact Grant will help fund the new Finding Families for Foster Children program, which will recruit, specially train using a unique, trauma-informed approach, and license 45 new therapeutic foster parents to provide high-quality case management, and clinical and foster care services, to at least 45 new young people with the most challenging issues.

$10,000 Merit Grant Award Recipients

2019 Merit Award Grant Winners